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On the heels of garnering a nomination for Best Sports Documentary at the 5th Annual Critics' Choice Documentary Awards,Mary Mazzio's acclaimed film "A Most Beautiful Thing" has now been honored with a limited-edition shoe from FILA. The signature FILA x "A Most Beautiful Thing" shoe was unveiled earlier this month onInstagram., with designs that honor the subjects of Mazzio's film, who are members of the first African American high school rowing team in the United States. 50% of the profits from the shoe will benefit the "A Most Beautiful Thing" Inclusion Fund, a new non-profit effort dedicated to increasing access to the sport of rowing. And that's only one of many exciting announcements regarding this important film.

From Thursday, December 3rd, through Sunday, December 6th, Pepsi and the Miami Dolphins will be hosting "'A Most Beautiful Thing' Weekend" in Miami. One of the most meaningful events of the weekend will be the handing out of meals to families in food insecure areas by Arshay Cooper, who was only a junior in high school when he first signed up for the rowing team at Manley High School on the Westside of Chicago. As is so memorably illustrated in the documentary, Arshay and others have seen their lives take a dramatic turn, and they in turn have reached out to young men and women in the inner cities to provide assistance. And now Arshay lectures all over the United States raising money for the "A Most Beautiful Thing" Inclusion Fund. This is a calling for him, a mission.

迈阿密的周末将在对年轻人及其家人的体育场中的“一件最美丽的事情”的社会遥远的筛选中。晚上将从小组谈话开始,包括海豚教练Brian Flores,格兰特山, Arshay Cooper and director Mary Mazzio along with Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkle, followed by a performance by Reuben Vincent, one of the young hip-hop artists from the film’s soundtrack. The trailer to the film as well as one of the tracks from Reuben Vincent will be featured at the game.

“这部电影对过去几个月的事件的信息的共鸣是非凡的,”Mazzio说。“我们刚刚在2020年的Naacp会议和代表Danny Davis(D-IL)的一个令人难以置信的特别演讲是这部电影的冠军。他正在与国会黑人核心人士一起工作,终极立法变革的目标是对电影问题的回应。此外,奥巴马基金会正在围绕项目和美国奥委会和其他职业体育队和国家理事机构也在订婚,致电“最美丽的事情”最有效的工具之一,以讨论包含的重要性。“

"In addition, as a former Olympic athlete myself," continues Mazzio, "I’m so proud that the British, New Zealand, Australian, German, Dutch, Italy, French, Egypt, Turkish, Canadian and other Olympic teams are supporting the film and activating in profound ways, including the creation of new charitable organizations (much like the 'A Most Beautiful Thing' Inclusion Fund), including initiatives with the Maori in New Zealand. Universities and athletic directors across the country (from Morehouse and other HBCU institutions to the University of Washington and University of Texas to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton) are all hosting events because the film resonates deeply with their students. And amazingly, corporate CEOs are now hosting conversations around the film, digging into access and opportunity as well as the role and obligation of privilege."

"A Most Beautiful Thing" is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime and NBC’s new platform, Peacock. Amazon Music will soon be releasing the film's soundtrack produced by the Grammy-winning 9th Wonder, featuring Anderson Paak, Rapsody (2020BET Lyricist of the Year), and J-Roc. For more information on the film visit itsofficial site.

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