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Oscars 2021: Nomadland is the Big Winner at an Unusual Academy Awards

After the most drawn-out Oscar season ever, the show最后went on. The scaled-down pandemic edition of the 93rd Academy Awards proved to be an emotional affair despite the need for such safety measures as multiple Covid tests and social distancing. The usual glitz and glitter were slightly dimmed while the red carpet was a six-feet-apart affair, with masks not required when participants were on camera.

Oscar producerSteven Soderbergh-Who讽刺直播2011“传染性,” about a rapidly spreading virus—and his partners promised a host-less intimate experience with no Zooming allowed, one that would unfold like a movie at two venues: The Art Deco-bedecked Union Station and Oscar’s usual home, Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, where the audience at any time was kept at 170 instead of the usual 3,400 attendees. Soderbergh also encouraged acceptance speeches to be personal and more expansive. Those winners not in L.A. were captured by remote satellite. But the atmosphere in the train station felt more like a cool, cozy lounge where the in-crowd hangs out.

主持人名称潦草地潦草地潦草地潦草地说里贾纳国王, whose directing debut, “One Night in Miami” earned three bids on the ballot, sashayed her way into the station in a regal blue gown with an envelope in her hand, where the name of the original and adapted screenplay winners lurked. She presented the first award for Original Screenplay to翡翠Fennell.为了 ”Promising Young Woman。“当她抱着她的奖杯时,诙谐的英国人说道,“他太沉重了,他太冷了。”在23天内拍摄她的电影,福伦尔怀孕了七个月。她是13年的第一个女性以来以来获奖暗黑破坏神科迪claimed the gold man for 2017’s “Juno。“It’s about time.

Best Adapted Screenplay went to the dementia tale “The Father,” which French filmmakerFlorian Zeller根据他的戏剧,以及合作者Christopher Hampton。自从许多人认为奖杯会去,胜利是有点不高兴chloézhao.为了 ”游牧民族。“

As expected, the Danish film “Another Round,” about a rowdy band of middle-age binge drinkers, won the Best International Feature presented byLaura Dern,去年的支持女演员获奖者“Marriage Story。“这是一个欢迎尚未获得苦乐参半的职位Thomas Vternerg.谁分享了他19岁的女儿IDA的悲惨损失,他们在车祸中死于4天拍摄。他说,“这是一个刚刚发生的奇迹 - 你是这个奇迹的一部分。也许你一直在某处拉一些字符串,我不知道。但这一个是你的。”

DERN然后继续向FRONTRUNNER提供最好的支持者奖Daniel Kaluuya.for his portrayal of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton in “犹大和黑色弥赛亚。“It was no surprise since he won all the award predecessors leading up to the Oscar—the Golden Globe, Critics Choice, Screen Actors Guild and BAFTA awards. He thanked God, his mom and other family members while giving a shoutout to his fellow castmate in the category,LaKeith Stanfield,他被称为“礼物”,而指的是他emale co-star “the light that is Dominque Fishback.” Much to his mother’s chagrin, who was in attendance remotely at the Dolby, Kaluuya concluded his speech thusly: "My mom met my dad, they had sex, it's amazing. Do you know what I'm saying? I'm here, do you know what I mean? I'm so happy to be alive, so I'm going to celebrate that tonight."

唐巧克力delivered the news of which makeup and hair contenders would claim the Oscar. The winning team (as expected) was “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” won by Sergio Lopez-River, Mia Neal, and Jamika Wilson. They made history as the first ever African-Americans to win Makeup and Hair awards. Meanwhile,Ann RothRainey——服装设计师为“妈”成为oldest woman ever at age 89 to win an Oscar. Alas, she did not attend. She is tied for oldest ever withJames Ivory, who won for his adapted screenplay of 2017’s “Call Me by Your Name。“

Bryan Cranston接下来在杜比剧院展出,他在另一个全球大流行的后果中汲取了1921年发生的事情。1942年,创建了动态图片和T.V.基金以帮助那些陷入困境的人。克兰斯顿自己的母亲结束了那里。承认该国最近艰难时期的MPTF如何,邀请70次接种疫苗的医疗保健和社会工作者并进行外观。这是Jean Hersholt人道主义奖第一次给了一个组织。Tyler Perry还将获得自己的基础奖,这有助于晚上的经济上不利地位,并对我们应该关心的原因进行了巨大的言论。他还主张“拒绝讨厌”。

接下来是去年的胜利董事Bong Joon-hoof “寄生虫“名声,宣布今年在首尔杜比剧院的收件人。所有候选人都被问到同样的问题,即“如果你必须解释20秒内的随机小孩,你会说什么?”David Fincher有最好的回复:“有两种方法可以射击一个场景,其中一个是错误的。”至于谁得到了黄金,当然,这是Chloé赵,谁只是第二个女人之后Kathryn Bigelow, who won for 2010’s “The Hurt Locker,” to claim the prize as well as the first female of color to do so.

Sound of Metal“ 星星Riz Ahmedstepped up next as a presenter for, what else, the sound category, and, of course, his film won. He then presented the Live Action Short Oscar to Travon Free and Desmond Roe for the timely “Two Distant Strangers,” about a Black man who is trapped in a time loop that keeps ending in his death.

Reese Witherspoonpresented the Animated Short trophy to the directors of “If Anything Happens, I Love You,”Will McCormackand Michael Govier. The film about a couple who lost their daughter during a school shooting, was made entirely without dialogue, shot in 2D animation, and created by an all-female animation team. Witherspoon followed it up with calling out Pixar’s “Soul“作为胜利的动画功能。这里没有震惊。这是导演的第三次获胜Pete Docterin this category after wins for “向上” (2009) and “Inside Out“(2015)。到目前为止,他是这一类别历史上最荣幸的电影制片人。它也是Pixar此类别的第11次胜利,而不是任何其他动画演播室。

Marlee Matlin.signed her way through presenting the Documentary Short award to “Collette,” in which a Jewish woman is helped by a younger woman who accompanies her to the German concentration camp where her brother, who was part of the French Resistance, lost his life. It was directed by Anthony Giacchino. Matlin next handled the documentary category, announcing that “My Octopus Teacher” netted an Oscar win in its tentacles. It’s a rare win for two South African filmmakers—co-director Pippa Ehrlich and producer and subject Craig Foster. Erlich’s co-director James Reed is British.

Steven Yeunrecalled seeing the violent “T2: Judgment Day” with his mother, and then gave out the Visual Effects Oscar to “Tenet。“与此同时,他的婆婆在“Minari,“Yuh-Jung Youn,有一种流感的乐趣Brad Pitt, who produced her film, present her expected Best Supporting Actress trophy. She amusingly told him, “"Mr. Brad Pitt, finally! Nice to meet you. Where were you when we were filming, in person?" Youn is the first Asian woman to win in the category since Miyoshi Umeki in 1957’s “Sayonara” and is the third eldest actress to do so at age 73.

Halle Berry处理呈现“人类”与电影摄影和生产设计奖项的任务。Harrison Fordshowed up next to announce the editing champ after reading the scathingly negative notes from one of his movies, 1982’s “Blade Runner.” This year, “Sound of Metal” hit the spot with voters.

Zendaya stepped up next to announce the champ for score, a shoo-in for “Soul,” which is all about the music, considering its hero is an aspiring jazz trumpeter. The honor was shared byTrent Reznor,Atticus Ross.andJon Batiste。Best song went to H.E.R.’s song “Fight for You” from “Judas and the Black Messiah.” With an Oscar to go along with her four Grammy awards, she is halfway to an EGOT.

Angela Bassettintroduced the In Memoriam segment set to “Always” byStevie Wonder并承认我们在街道和医院遭受遭受的致命年份。它适当地结束了Chadwick Boseman.的形象。

在一个令人惊讶的班次中,最好的照片不是最后发放的,并且宣布它的任务落到了传说中Rita Moreno。Of course, it went to “Nomadland.” As a producer on the film, its starFrances McDormand.共享胜利。她在接受讲话结束时,她说,“我们把这一个给我们的狼”,并在舞台上释放了一个响亮的嚎叫。赵先生揭示了它是纪念电影的声音搅拌机,最近死亡的一种方式。迈克尔沃尔夫斯奈德

It seemed odd that the show would end with the reveals for Best Actor and Actress when the show usually ends with declaring Best Picture. Perhaps the producers knew a surprise was forthcoming asRenee Zellweger., last year’s Best Actress for “Judy,” would reveal the result. This year, it seemed to be a consensus that this category was the most difficult to predict. Who is it?中提琴戴维斯对于“Ma Rainey的黑底”,Carey Mulligan为了 ”Promising Young Woman,”Andra Day为了 ”The United States vs. Billie Holiday,”Vanessa “Pieces of a Woman”?

Nope. Frances McDormand! She bellowed, “I have no words, my voice is my sword and my sword is in my work!” McDormand now is in range of tyingKatharine Hepburn’s four lead acting Oscars (although she has technically has four trophies with her pair this evening). She also joins an elite club of five other actors who collected three acting Oscars:Ingrid Bergman.,Walter Brennan,Daniel Day-Lewis,杰克尼古尔森, and梅丽思维。It’s also the first time in 16 years that a Best Picture and its lead actress both triumphed. The last time it happened was when希拉里斯旺克赢得了2004年的“百万美元婴儿”的第二奖。

But the biggest surprise of the evening was delivered byJoaquin Phoenix, who won Best Actor last year for “Joker,” as he closed the show by declaring the absent安东尼霍普金斯作为他的继任者。大多数锻造学家将他们的赌注放在Chadwick Boseman,成为第三个演员,以后获得一个奥斯卡Heath Ledgerin 2010’s “The Dark Knight” andPeter Finchin 1976’s “Network.” But it was not in the cards. As for Hopkins, given that the onetime Hannibal Lecter is now the oldest acting winner ever at age of 83, the Welshman deserves to take the night off.



BEST DIRECTOR: Chloé Zhao, “Nomadland”


BEST ACTRESS: Frances McDormand, “Nomadland”

最好的支持演员:Daniel Kaluuya,“犹大和黑色弥赛亚”

最好的支持女演员:Yuh-Jung Youn,“Minari”







BEST COSTUME DESIGN: “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”


BEST HAIR AND MAKEUP: “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”





BEST ANIMATED SHORT: “If Anything Happens, I Love You”

BEST DOC SHORT: “Collette”

BEST LIVE SHORT: “Two Distant Strangers”

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