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“对于一代美国人 - 特别是芝加哥 - 罗杰是电影。当他不喜欢一部电影时,他是诚实的;当他这样做时,他是散发的 - 捕捉电影的独特力量让我们带来魔法。

“即使在他自己的癌症战斗中,罗杰就像他有弹性一样生产 - 继续与世界分享他的激情和观点。没有罗杰的电影就不一样,我们的思想和祈祷都与寒带和埃伯特家族的其他部分。“xf187 首页

-President Barack Obama, April 4, 2013

罗杰的习惯座位湖街道筛选室,在2013年4月5日的早晨筛选Terence Malick的“奇迹”之前:



“Though he was viewed as a movie critic with the soul of a poet, he also had killer business instincts. A journalist since the 1960s, he not only survived endless tumult in the craft, he thrived by embracing new opportunity and expanding his franchise at every turn.

“就像Jay-Z不仅仅是一个音乐家一样,Roger Ebert不仅仅是一个关于电影的人。xf187 首页他是一名报纸作家,电视个性,公众演讲者,一本书作者,一个事件姓名,一个网络发布者。通过他的网站,即使他走了,他仍然和xf187 首页我们在一起,展示了媒体品牌渴望的那种粘性和耐用性。“

-David Carr, 纽约时报

“There will be a long, long echo [of his work] reverberating for a long, long time… I’ve always tried to be a good soldier of cinema myself, so of course since he’s gone, I will plow on, as I have plowed on all my life, but I will do what I have to do as if Roger was looking over my shoulder. And I am not gonna disappoint him.”

-Werner Herzog.,

“”我出生在我生命中的电影里面“:[他的回忆录]的开幕词Life Itself’ announce both the crucial cinematic lure of magic images on a big screen and Roger’s talent for analyzing his own adventures and limitations. Given his gift of gab, that movie must have been a talkie. He fits William F. Buckley Jr.’s description of Roger’s fellow Midwesterner Rush Limbaugh: ‘preternaturally fluent.’ One imagines him popping out of the womb and saying, ‘Hi, Mom! Well, that was an interesting nine-month movie I just sat through. The visuals were lacking; it was more like radio, really. But the soothing darkness well prepared me for a life of sitting in movie theaters. All in all, I give the experience two enthusiastic, tiny thumbs up!’”

-Richard Corliss, TIME

“几乎独自在他一代记者中,Ebert早期看到了社交媒体的实质性潜力,并将他的名声翻译成了印刷和电视台到互联网xf187 首页上,成为一个推特拓展器和一位在这种爆发职业中展示我们其他人的导师只是如何生存,但如何在数字时代繁荣。[...]

“他在那里有罗杰斯,H.L.Mencken和A.J.Luebly,而不是太远的马克Twain,作为美国文化和美国生活中的大引格评论家之一。罗杰是一个如此美妙,因为批评者是他从来没有一个势利,而且从不屈服于任何人,同时也是一个非常了解的电影的知识渊博的学生,避免了诸如遵循他的许多批评者的人口民粹主义者反向圈地进入电视。He wrote in clear, declarative newspaper prose aimed first and foremost at his Chicagoland readership — ‘I go into the movie, I watch it, and I ask myself what happened to me’ — but was just as likely to lavish praise on foreign films or tiny indies or cheesy exploitation flicks as on Hollywood star packages.”


“如果[SISKEL和EBERT的]电视成功存在下行,那么许多人只能从那媒体那里知道xf187 首页他们,从未寻找他们的印刷评论。xf187.com我是那些人之一。这只是互联网的发明,我开始在他的综合网站上阅读罗杰的评论,并在他的写作技巧上惊叹。xf187.com他是我唯一知道谁难以解释他的生活经历,以解释他对特定电影的感受。这不是噱头,它从来没有让他看起来自我吸收,只是善良的坦诚。“


“CHICAGO—Calling the overall human experience ‘poignant,’ ‘thought-provoking,’ and a ‘complete tour de force,’ film critic Roger Ebert praised existence Thursday as ‘an audacious and thrilling triumph.’ ‘While not without its flaws, life, from birth to death, is a masterwork, and an uplifting journey that both touches the heart and challenges the mind,’ said Ebert, adding that while the totality of all humankind is sometimes ‘a mess in places,’ it strives to be a magnum opus and, according to Ebert, largely succeeds at this goal.”


-Kevin B. Lee's新闻播放视频致敬罗杰的视线和声音批评者轮询选择。在2012年Ebertfxf187 首页est录制,并为福克斯的记者和要求提供贡献者的声音



-Michael Phillips,芝加哥论坛报

“Ebert enjoyed his status as the world’s most famous film critic but did not believe it was fully deserved. When I wrote an article calling him the finest film critic we will ever see, he sent me an email telling me off. ‘I am not the best film critic in the world,’ he wrote. ‘Though I might be the hardest-working.’ He was right on the second count and wrong on the first.


-斯科特Jordan Harris,远方记者,电报

“我在七十多家堪萨斯城和达拉斯长大了。让它温和地说,这些不是电影城镇。他们有珍贵的少数艺术院剧院。Roger xf187 首页Ebert的评论表演与基因斯锡克尔,在各种标题下跑到了PBS,然后在Syndication下,我的门户进入电影世界,我可能没有否则探索,那条路导致我成为电影和电视评论家。Skeel和Ebertxf187 首页与我在个人所熟悉的任何人那样对我对电影和电影批评的兴趣有关。也许更多。”


“快进我的青少年。罗杰和基因(以颜色)在频道11中,同一频道饱满了我对雅培和科斯特洛,道格拉斯爵士和洋基队棒球的热爱。罗杰也在纽约报纸上变得混合,所以我终于可以参与他的散文。它读起来好像和我在一起,谈话。Roger xf187 首页Ebert正在教育我关于外国电影,Arty-Fartsy票价和群众。但他也告诉我一个故事。他的话没有闷热的假装;他以轻松的,有吸引力的风格写道,我想仿真。这首先是奇怪的,因为我通常用斯凯特方式。但是,令人钦佩或甚至珍惜,不需要达成伟大的写作。 I had found my writer idol.”

-Odie Henderson,德雷雷伯特网德伯特网贡献者xf187 首页




“他需要什么需要联系我,说他”喜欢你的思维方式“?他做了一个简单的善举,但它深刻改变了我的生活。但是,“我的ebxf187 首页ert故事”是另一天的。今天,我不喜欢它。用他无限的善意和慷慨的坚果壳,他以比任何人都知道的方式更换了我的生活。

“He was the only person who made me feel good about being myself.”

-Krishna Shenoi.,遥远的记者

“上的条目包括微软Cinemania CD-ROM] disc, the ones by Roger were the longest and most detailed. Maltin wrote capsules and Kael’s pieces were the edited-down versions of her ‘New Yorker’ reviews, originally contained in ‘5001 Nights at the Movies.’ Roger’s prose was instantly accessible and inviting. He seemed uninterested in infallibility (something Kael would thrive on, clearly having enjoyed publishing what she saw as final words on her subjects). He came off as a super-knowledgeable guy who happened to want to simply talk movies with you. He would never judge you for botching a phrase in English, I thought to myself — only for being untrue to your gut feeling. I took immediate comfort in that; one that later allowed me to make my own tentative attempts of writing criticism in English.”

-Michał Oleszczyk,遥远的记者, Krakow, Poland

ldquo;在他们的许多热闹的谈话表演中,在那个时代,基因在交易顽皮的倒钩之间停顿了,他羡慕他最受罗杰的是他的写作能力。基因是对的:Ebert更好。xf187 首页以及他是否正在审查哭泣和耳语的日落时或用浓缩件上的调温,他的散文的敏捷性是一样的。许多作家与互联网的使用有关罗杰的声音,可能是因为罗杰们自己做了很多次。但他已经创造了自己的虚拟论坛,至少早在1995年或1996年,是在线批评和沟通的先驱。我稍微加入了康复。直接与ebert跳动很有趣。xf187 首页与徘徊在毒液和疯狂的论坛的原始巨魔,而不是那么多。几个月后,我写了一封电子邮件,礼貌地告诉他我正在离开。出乎意料的是,他回答说:“我会想念你!”他补充说,在网上有“很多愚蠢”,但他也发现了虚拟领域的足够的价值来坚持下去。“



-琳达福尔摩斯, NPR

“Because I was 19, I took this as an invitation to keep bothering Ebert, and over the next two years, I emailed him regularly, with questions about my career, with movie reviews I’d written and hoped he would offer tips on, with requests for advice on writing, on life, on the tough job market that awaited me upon graduation. Ebert wrote back to every single one, with lengthy and heartfelt missives that were far more than a snot-nosed kid clearly getting off on Knowing Roger Ebert deserved. I have no idea why he did it. He told me ‘that this is important to you as it is, that’s a very large percentage of what you need, really.’ He emphasized that such ephemera like ‘career’ and ‘success’ were mostly beside the point. ‘Just write, get better, keep writing, keep getting better. It’s the only thing you can control.’”





“When I learned that you’d died, I had just filed a review for you website. I was about to start wrapping up one for this site — a pan of ‘Simon Killer.’ I no longer feel like working on that review. I don’t feel like writing about bad movies at all. I want to write about good movies and good people.”

-Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, “Ebert Presents At the Movies,”

“罗杰会告诉我停止烦恼并开始写作。在听到我的写作英雄的传递中的最大悲惨的消息后,我的电视伙伴,我坐在键盘上,试图提出完美的导致我对罗杰·埃伯特的死亡。“xf187 首页

-理查德罗佩尔,芝加哥阳光时间,ebert&roperxf187 首页

“自世界发现罗杰·埃伯特死亡以来已经五天了。xf187 首页作家一直在竞争他们的悼念的口才,即使我不是一个人判断一个人哀悼的特定方式,我已经发现了这个洪水的某些方面,而是脱掉了脱颖而出。我只是认为它是一种不一致的方式来哀悼死亡,庆祝一个鄙视无法憎恶的男人的生活(虽然他喜欢冒险崇拜者)......罗杰知道这句话的意思是“太多件好事”。他是一个衡量的人,谁保持简单。他喜欢电影,他爱他的妻子,他爱他的家人,他爱他的朋友。他是一种善良而慷慨的灵魂,生活充满了幸福的生活。他将被遗漏。每天。/ eom“

-阿里亚里卡,遥远的记者,, PressPlay

“罗杰们相信站起来,特别是在劳动人员的权利时。Back in the ’80s, during the height of the politically reactionary Reagan era, he would proudly identify himself as a ‘card-carrying member of SDS.’ (Not sure, though, whether Roger hewed to the original Port Huron statement, or ‘the compromised second draft,’ as the Dude dismissed it in ‘The Big Lebowski.’)

“他的联盟同情始于一个早期。他的父亲沃尔特,曾担任电工,罗杰仍然是他职业生涯的报纸公会的成员 - 尽管在他成为一个独立的承包商之后,他可能已经选择了。He famously stood with the Guild in 2004, when he wrote to then publisher John Cruickshank that ‘it would be with a heavy heart that I would go on strike against my beloved Sun-Times, but strike I will if a strike is called.’”

- Laura Emerick,Roger的芝加哥太阳时间编辑

“说埃伯特先生是他一代最着名的电影评论者,也不会是一个延伸,也是最值得信赖的。xf187 首页他的意见的力量和恩典推进了电影批评了美国文化的主流。他不仅建议电影观众了解什么,而且如何考虑他们所看到的东西。“

-New York Times, obit

“我很久相信日常评论者的工作是一个非常艰难的。Ebert writes, in the introduction to his 2006 anthology of his work, ‘Awake in the Dark,’ of seeing ‘three movies during a routine workday,’ and, according to Douglas Martin’s obituary in the Times, Ebert ‘said he saw 500 films a year and reviewed half of them.’ Some movies elicit passionate exultation; others, passionate revulsion. Those movies that repel you are the hardest to write about, and, for many critics, that’s the majority of movies. That’s where Ebert’s unique temperament, his humanistic world view, comes into play.”


”,但他的死亡不应该作为另一个occasion to lament the decline of movies or the decay of movie criticism. The day before he died, Roger announced that he was taking a ‘leave of presence’ necessitated by the reappearance of his cancer, and even though the message was a farewell, it was also full of plans for the future: the redesign of his Web site; the kick-start of the latest iteration of his television show; the refocusing of his energies on the films he most wanted to write about.”

-A.O.斯科特, 纽约时报

“...... [朋友]所谓的表达他们的同情:”它就像Ebert困住了两个竖起大拇指你的屁股,然后和自己一起拔下一场战争xf187 首页。“

-Alan Zweibel.,,作者和联合编剧“North

“I noticed how much Ebert could put across in a limited space. He didn’t waste time clearing his throat. ‘They meet for the first time when she is in her front yard practicing baton-twirling,’ begins his review of ‘Badlands.’ Often, he managed to smuggle the basics of the plot into a larger thesis about the movie, so that you don’t notice the exposition taking place: ‘“Broadcast News” is as knowledgeable about the TV news-gathering process as any movie ever made, but it also has insights into the more personal matter of how people use high-pressure jobs as a way of avoiding time alone with themselves.’ The reviews start off in all different ways, sometimes with personal confessions, sometimes with sweeping statements. One way or another, he pulls you in. When he feels strongly, he can bang his fist in an impressive way. His review of ‘Apocalypse Now’ ends thus: ‘The whole huge grand mystery of the world, so terrible, so beautiful, seems to hang in the balance.’”


“The more Roger became a prisoner of his body, the more he seemed to escape into his rich and sophisticated mind. By the agreement of almost everyone I know, his writing in these last years was among the best he’d ever done, more personal and expansive, marked by a still-astonishing rate of productivity. He wrote a wonderful memoir, close in its deceptively profound, plainspoken way to two of the writers Roger most admired: Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson. And indeed, Roger was nothing if not an Anglophile: Among the least known books he authored is a slender volume called ‘The Perfect London Walk,’ an instructional travel book that, having taken the journey it maps, I can assure you is a rare case of truth in titling.”

-斯科特发现, 种类

“I started this blog in May, and it has enriched my life. I have been astonished by the high quality of the comments received. I have also been educated, amused, moved, corrected, encouraged. I personally read all the comments that are submitted, and after four months I have received not one obscene message, not one illiterate message, not one hostile message. Those few comments I have not published were not dumb or offensive, but simply things like well-wishes that I didn’t think most readers would be interested in.


-罗杰记得, how he fell in love with blogging

“Even with his illness he continued to write. And the writing (and how much of it there is to read!) is what will keep Ebert a titan, alongside Pauline Kael and Andrew Sarris, who died last June. Ebert worked in a separate realm (and city) from Kael’s and Sarris’s rivalries and coteries and seemingly endless word counts. In print, Ebert practiced criticism with vivid clarity. A writer I know once told me he didn’t read Ebert because he get could a plot summary anywhere. It’s true that a typical Ebert review contains mostly plot synopsis, but it’s mostly plot synopsis the way diamonds are mostly coal.”

-Wesley Morris., Grantland

“为了纪念罗杰·埃伯特的巨大,多样化的xf187 首页工作,这里是他写作的十五次伟大的报价和段落 - 从平底锅开始赞美博客帖子甚至食谱。这些不一定是他最明确的审查或段落,但每个人都唤起了他在一切写作中所做的那么好,无论是如何平xf187.com庸,盛大或普遍的主题。“

-Bilge Ebiri.,“15 roger ebxf187 首页ert段落展示了他的写作”

xf187 首页Ebert-Captioned-Cartorm.jpg

-鲍勃曼科夫,纽约人 - 最好的卡通比赛比赛标题xf187 首页

“As a friend, Roger would send quick and clever emails in conspiratorial tones and longer ones that were warm and encouraging. I’ve never had an actual conversation with Roger, because cancer sadly claimed his ability to speak before our paths crossed; instead, he knew how to convey a sense of connection with a genuine, direct look in his eyes. […]


-Christy Lemire, Associated Press, “Ebert Presents At the Movies”

“但我仍然以最好和最高标准的形式成为一名记者和评论家的形式。我的一生,罗杰埃伯特一直是我试图达到的xf187 首页酒吧。我永远不会。但他的榜样通过失败让我更强壮。“


“Roger took me on from just about the start of my career on the internet, 15 years ago. He used to be the star writer for Yahoo! Internet Life. The Hot Button, as it once was known, and, as it once existed, got a lot of praise from him on those pages. He called my column ‘gossip of the highest order’ and that compliment stuck in my craw for… well, it still does. It still comes to mind more often than I wish it would.

“As we developed more of a relationship, it got more complicated. I can’t say we were close. There was always an arms length. But there was always a big smile and a hug from Chaz and a moment taken from his busy schedule. A few minutes at TIFF the first year he returned after his throat surgery … he wasn’t being brave … he was living. No giving up. And professionally, he was very generous with me.”





-Matthew Rothschild,进步


-Seyongyong Cho,遥远的记者(首尔,韩国)

“But then came the cancer, the removal of his jaw, the loss of his ability to eat (which he loved) and hold forth (which he loved as much). But this cursed event was in some respects a gift. As a film blogger, he was peerless, and he was, if anything, better on politics and social issues than on movies. On Twitter, he found the kind of direct line to the public he’d never had before. He loved the community, the interchanges both respectful and feisty, the instant feedback. What an irony: Lacking the power of his speech, he was still in his element.”

-David Edelstein, New York Magazine

“… Roger is known for fighting for people that don’t have a voice. That’s why he’s so loved and will be missed by so many millions of people.”

-Darryl Roberts, 导演 ”美国美丽

“我很想说如果罗杰从未写过一句话,他就会以为人们在一起而闻名。但写作是让罗杰罗杰的原因。他与靠近他的人并不慷慨。他告诉大家关于自己 - 有时候,我认为,只要他发表的话就越多:他的评论,他的op-ed碎片,他的采访,他的博客,他的回忆录 - 即使是他的推文。“

-Jim Emerson,rogerexf187 首页,扫描仪


“Well,who you are是不是你正式谋生所做的。xf187 首页Ebert难以证明一点。他努力工作,因为那就是他是谁。写作就像呼吸到他身上。

“No wonder this Champaign-Urbana transplant was the quintessential Chicagoan. We like to think of Chicago as the city that gets things done.

“xf187 首页Ebert完成了事情。他完成了很多事情的整个地狱。“