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The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Like a mash-up of an ‘80s family road comedy like “假期” and the visions of a tech apocalypse foretold in films like “The Terminator,” Netflix’s “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” is a lot of nostalgic fun but told in a modern style. It sometimes succumbs to that animated problem of choosing hyperactivity over all other storytelling options, but it’s also a whip-smart action film, a movie with nearly “Fury Road”-esque momentum in its asking of the question, “What if the only family that could save the world was as dysfunctional as yours?” Threaded with clever commentary on our reliance on tech and featuring some incredibly strong design work, this is a pleasant surprise for families looking for something new this season, and one of the more purely enjoyable Netflix animated films in a while.

Once called “Connected” (neither title is great), this Sony Pictures Animation project was a casualty of the pandemic, originally scheduled for release last fall before a title change and a shuffle off to the King of the Streamers. Directed byMichael Rianda., and written by Rianda and杰夫罗..,“米切尔斯与机器”由菲尔主&克里斯米勒并没有创造性地激励他们的工作“The Lego Movie“和”蜘蛛侠:进入蜘蛛诗“。像前者一样,它装满了笑话和噱头,在任何特定的时刻发生了如此多的花哨的飞行,它需要多个重量来抓住它们。The creative influence of “Spider-verse” is even more essential to this project’s success—just as that Oscar-winning modern animated classic used comic and street art as a visual inspiration, this project uses viral and YouTube culture not just in its storytelling but in its design. The result is one of the most visually vibrant animated films since, well, “Spider-verse.”

Like a lot of teens, the generation gap between Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson她的父亲瑞克(Danny McBride) has been widened by technology. She has a creative spirit that has led to directing viral YouTube videos, most of them starring her chunky pug Monchi in a series called “Dog Cop”; dad has no idea how to use a computer or smartphone to even watch the videos that have kind of made his daughter a star. The personality divide between Katie and her dad feels even wider as she’s planning to go off to film school to pursue her dreams, and he’s of a generation that doesn’t really know how to express his feelings other than through gifts like a perfect screwdriver. In an effort to unite them one more time before she leaves, Rick decides that the Mitchells—including mom Linda (玛雅鲁道夫), Katie’s brother Aaron (Rianda), and Monchi—should drive Katie to school for a last family road trip. It just happens to come on the same day that the machines take over the world.

While the Mitchells are navigating family drama, tech giant Mark Bowman (Eric Andre) introduces the world to the next step in the tech evolution, a new version of PAL, this universe’s version of the iPhone or iPad. Imagine if your iTechnology like Siri or Alexa was included in a literal robot helper. It doesn’t go well because the original PAL virtual assistant (playfully voiced by奥利维亚科尔曼)被新模式所取代的怨恨,因此她将所有技术人员替换为人的主人,监禁它们并计划更换。只有米切尔存活机器人的启示型,只有米切尔就可以阻止邦摧毁人类。

Much like on other Lord/Miller projects, the voice cast of “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” is a notable strength. Jacobson doesn’t overplay 'awkward teen,' imbuing Katie with confidence instead of clichés, and McBride similarly takes the 'emotionally reserved dad' role that has been done to death in family entertainment and makes it heartfelt. There are also incredibly fun vocal performances throughout the supporting cast, including弗雷德·阿米森&Beck Bennettas a pair of robots who end up allies of the Mitchells,Chrissy Teigen.&John Legend完美的父母住next door, and, believe it or not,布莱克格里芬和柯南奥布莱恩。


The people behind “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” are an undeniably talented crew (resumes here also include the truly fun “多云,有机会肉丸” movies and the phenomenal “Gravity Falls”) and that talent comes through in the final product. There are times when I wished the film would calm down a little bit—and it’s a tad too long at around 110 minutes—but these are minor complaints overall. The one thing that probably matters the most to families considering watching it together? Before it was even over, my kids were already talking about when they could see it again.

Premieres on Netflix on April 30th.


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Abbi Jacobson作为凯蒂米切尔(语音)

Danny McBride作为瑞克米切尔(语音)

玛雅鲁道夫as Linda Mitchell (voice)

Michael Rianda.作为Aaron Mitchell(声音)

EricAndré.as Mark Bowman (voice)



弗雷德·阿米森as (voice)

Beck Bennettas (voice)

Chrissy (voice)

John Legendas (voice)

Charlyne Yias (voice)

柯南奥布莱恩as (voice)

Sasheer Zamataas (voice)

Elle (voice)

Jay (voice)

Alex Hirschas (voice)

Griffin McElroyas (voice)





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