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亚马逊的情节“Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” is so indecipherable that I could just type that symbol Prince once used and it would serve as a valid synopsis. The gist of the film is easy: angry Navy SEAL seeks revenge after his very pregnant wife is brutally riddled with bullet holes onscreen. The confusion comes in answering the questions of why she was killed, who did it and what this has to do with the U.S. government. This is one of those super-convoluted conspiracy theory movies where nothing makes sense and you simply stop caring. Saviors show up inexplicably at just the right time. People come off as evil for the sole purpose of misleading us. There’s no character development, a lot of patriotic posturing, and the villain gives a lecture that must have been written before they cast a Black actor as its recipient. Despite endless gunfire and a lot of shit blowing up, most of the action sequences fail to quicken the pulse.

Don’t look to the name in the title for help—this film only lifts his character’s family tragedy and the title. The screenplay by泰勒谢里丹and将钉书钉fashions a completely different story out of whole cloth. According to Wikipedia, this is a spin-off of the popular Jack Ryan series and some of the choices for protagonist John Clark includedKeanu Reeves加里诗, 和Tom Hardy。在这里,克拉克是重新挑解的杰克凯利并被播放Michael B. Jordan是一个可以娴熟地戏剧戏剧性和等于相同强度的戏剧和行动。他得到了很多后者,这可以解释他为什么要参加这一部分。然而,凯利是一台一维杀戮机,又有几个机会肉体摧毁他的愤怒并询问他的命运。

在一个点,约旦在他的妻子帕姆'(劳伦伦敦) murder, sinks to the floor and howls in agony. It’s a raw moment that makes one lament that we don’t get to know her at all. No amount of acting by Jordan can make Pam anything but the overused plot device of the doomed woman whose death or violation lights a fire under the man she loved. She gets less than five minutes of screen time before she’s crudely dispatched. London is so appealing that the cynical way she is used is borderline offensive. A near-death fantasy sequence she appears in reduces her to a cliché trapped in an egregious fake-out that robs the film of any emotional power.

“没有悔意”,用凯伦的高级官员,Karen Greer(Jodie Turner-Smith)试图在凯利方向上的救援使命没有事先介绍。在Sinister Bigshot Robert Ritter的凯利耀眼(杰米贝尔),而不是最后一次。不久之后,几个of Kelly’s team are murdered in gang-style executions or intentional hit-and-runs. Making it personal, the bad guys take out Kelly’s family as well. Kelly shoots three of the four assassins, but passes out from his own bullet wounds before he can finish off the fourth. He awakens to Greer informing him that CIA Secretary Clay (盖伊珍珠)无意追求帕姆的正义。她是抵押品损害,报复早期的封印使命导致了几个俄罗斯代理人的死亡。或类似的东西。

当然,克莱的决定激怒了凯莉,向他致以他的复仇使命,并用几个问题和严重的偏执狂。这是这个封面的不断嘲笑的垃圾部分吗/阴谋?第四个刺客在哪里消失了没有痕迹?基于从格里尔的尖端,凯莉追踪杜勒斯机场。随之而来的暴力是如此过于顶级荒谬的(汽油火,T-Boned车辆,Bullet酷刑)你惊讶的是凯莉与他的采石场一起吹嘘。相反,他被送往监狱,他被报复性俄罗斯人所包围,并强迫向我们展示一个羞辱阿多尼斯的上半身。Michael B. Jordan准备打击一块不错的坏人,同时摆在赤膊上是你从“没有悔意”的唯一欢乐。


毕竟这种不连贯的无稽之谈与伪造的死亡和正义落后于一个女人,我们几乎没有见过面,更不用说,“没有悔恨”,“没有悔意”有勇气结束,以同样的不连贯,尼克愤怒风格的中信sequence that sets up a sequel I can’t imagine viewers giving a damn about wanting to see. I was so happy the film was over that I almost turned the screener off before this scene appeared, so consider this your warning that it’s there. Besides a well-done underwater sequence shot byPhilippe Rousselot,很少推荐这部电影。但如果你真的需要看到迈克尔B.乔丹争夺俄罗斯人,只是看“Creed II。“


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Film Credits

Tom Clancy没有悔意电影海报



109 minutes

Michael B. Jordanas John Kelly

盖伊珍珠as Thomas Clay


Jodie Turner-Smith作为凯伦格雷尔

Cam Gigandetas Keith Webb


Brett Gelman作为Victor Rykov.



Colman Pastor West